Comments from writers I’ve worked with:

There are editors, and there is Ariane. If you are lucky enough to cross this lady’s path, look no further. You’ll not find anyone better at their craft, nor anyone more of a joy to work with. She is unerringly fair, patient, and professional. Her light touch and insightful ways put wings under my story.

Bjorn Wythette, Author of The Rock and the Raindrop — A Space in Time

If you want clarity of prose and poetic writing, you need Ariane. Full stop. I’ve sent analytical and creative projects her way, and every time, her help has been invaluable. She’s clarified muddy manuscripts and helped me detangle complicated ideas for years now. For all stories, articles, and analytical papers, I highly recommend her services.

Elizabeth B.

I’ve had the privilege to work with Ariane Peveto on two novels that I’ve written and her skills as an editor are priceless. Not only did she edit and return my book back in a timely manner, but she did so with an in-depth editorial letter that was as strong and detailed as you might get when working with an editor at a publishing house. Her ability to capture plot holes and character inconsistencies is remarkable. With Ariane’s fine attention to detail and understanding of my stories, I’ve been able to transform my novels into such tip-top shape that I’ve had numerous agents request to read my full manuscript.

Christa M.